Stylish wedding: accessories for the groom

In the past it was mainly the bride who had to look good at a wedding. The man had enough of a white shirt with a tie combined with a black suit. The most important thing was that the suit was customized and he was ready. In 2016, however, the groom will not easily get […]

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7 surprising wedding venues in Spain

Osa Major

Start off your big day with the sun in your face and find yourself in a sensational location. Sounds good, right? In Spain the possibilities are endless. You could get married right on the beach, but also in wonderfully woody surroundings. Whatever your preference, you will be sure to find the venue of your dreams […]

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Wedding dress shopping? Don’t make these mistakes

If you want to choose a wedding dress, this is of course a lot of fun! Because of this enthusiasm and your spontaneity it may be that you make decisions that you regret afterwards. The most common mistakes according to personal shopper Suzi Vasques Dias you will read down below. Too many opinions Your wedding dress […]

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The 10 most romantic islands to get married

Your wedding day is the most beautiful day of your life. To make this important day as perfect as possible, you can get married in an idyllic location under the tropical sun. Who doesn’t dream of a fairy tale wedding on a crystal white beach, under the palm trees in the tropical sun, and to […]

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Inspiration trends 2015: wedding dresses with flowers

Jessica photography

het Bruidsmeisje: “This super fun blog is written by Covers Couture from Utrecht! One of my favorite wedding fashion stores in the Netherlands .. they understand what the modern bride wants, with a very nice warm service that is exactly right for you.” Flowers and weddings are inseparable, but in 2015 we will go beyond […]

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Curaçao: the perfect wedding island!

Anna Paulina Photography

When you are considering getting married, remember to get married in Curaçao or book your honeymoon to this beautiful island! Here you really have the most beautiful white beaches and clear blue water. In this article you will find the tips that can make the romance splash away during your honeymoon. A beautiful resort for […]

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Choices wedding: DJ or band? Limo or oldtimer?

Gerhard Nel

You are getting married, everyone is allowed to know! But then it starts, making the choices for your wedding. You have to think of hundreds of things at once and decide everything well in advance. Not always the easiest task. Do you still doubt between a band or a DJ, a limousine or an old-timer? […]

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Wedding inspiration: tailored suit or off the rack?

Credits: Rox & San During the planning of your wedding there are several aspects that you want to have well organized and everything costs of course money. Every person has his own feeling and taste about what he / she considers important on their wedding day. Is it food? The Rings? Or do you just […]

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Great ideas for a special wedding ceremony

Rox and San

Credits: Rox & San You get married at the city hall or at an official wedding location I know that the average wedding official is not always put in a positive light. Too bad, because that is not necessary. Try to look for an officiant that suits you! There can often be more than you […]

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Getting married in England

South West England Bride The invitations are sent .. and pjoeiiii, we are pleased with all the nice reactions from our friends and family. We thought it would be great to celebrate our wedding in the South of England, but now it is very nice to see that our guests are happy to cross the […]

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