Stylish wedding: accessories for the groom

Stylish wedding: accessories for the groom

09 May 2016

In the past it was mainly the bride who had to look good at a wedding. The man had enough of a white shirt with a tie combined with a black suit. The most important thing was that the suit was customized and he was ready. In 2016, however, the groom will not easily get away with it. Nowadays much more is involved, whether he wants it or not. A suit now comes in different styles and different colors. And besides, the groom now has a whole range of accessories from which he can choose. In this article we will look for which accessories are appropriate for your wedding.

Tie or Bow Tie?

Stropdas bruidegom

The bow tie is completely back again. Where you seldom saw a bow tie with a groom a few years ago, this is fully acceptable in 2016. Even more, it shows a sense of guts and self-confidence.
If you opt for a bow tie, it is very important to choose a color that suits the rest of your outfit. "Color-blocking," as they call it in English. Color-blocking is choosing colors that are opposite but that together form an interesting and complementary color combination.
Although black always looks stylish, more and more men opt for a unique bow tie in a bright color or with a pattern. This way the groom can distinguish himself more from his guests.
If you choose a tie, you can show guts by buying a unique one. If you have not eaten much of fashion, then you can best be advised by a specialist. The employees of the stores have not made their work out of this for nothing!

Hats and caps

hoed bruidegom

A hat or cap was formerly only intended for the older generation. A young groom with a hat or cap would certainly raise some eyebrows at a wedding 20 years ago. In 2016, a classic hat or cap is a can do. Of course not everything is possible. For example, the cap of your favorite basketball team is something you would wear at home ;-).

Your Beard

The beard can also be regarded as a fashion accessory today. Personally, we are usually still a fan of the clean shaven look and we also recommend to organize a nice old-fashioned shave with a traditional razor, as in this collection, and to make it part of the wedding photography. (Note: in 2018 a beard is a fashion item)
Is the removal of your beard really not negotiable, make sure that it looks very neat and looks styled.
The mustache is also completely back and the groom can look quite hip. If you opt for a mustache, you can combine the advice in the previous two paragraphs to come up with an impressive mustache at your wedding. In short, the rest of the face must be smoothly shaved and the mustache itself look great.


zonnebril bruiloft

Do you have wedding plans for the summer or in the Bahamas and do you choose a nice beach location? Then sunglasses is an accessory that is not only fun but also functional! Sunglasses not only helps you protect your eyes, but also gives your eyes a rest and prevents headaches from looking into the sun. So you know for sure that you can party all night!
Play a little safe for your wedding by choosing a classic model that suits your face, such as a wayfarer, clubmaster or aviator glasses. Possibly with a nice pattern on the frame to bring your own style back into it.

The tie pin

dasspeld bruiloft

A tie clip is a functional accessory that can add a nice style element to your tie.
It helps keep your tie in place so that it does not hang in your soup and you will walk the rest of the evening with a wet tie.

Wear a watch or not?

It is ok to wear a watch, unless you have chosen a "white tie" or "black tie" dress code on your wedding. They write that it is "not done" to wear a watch. If you wear a watch, go for a classic analogue model that matches other accessories you wear, such as your cufflinks, belt buckle and tie pin.

Tip: On this website you can find a lot of nice accessories for the groom: Trendhim

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