The 10 most romantic islands to get married

The 10 most romantic islands to get married

28 July 2015

trouwen op een eiland

Your wedding day is the most beautiful day of your life. To make this important day as perfect as possible, you can get married in an idyllic location under the tropical sun. Who doesn’t dream of a fairy tale wedding on a crystal white beach, under the palm trees in the tropical sun, and to enjoy a romantic honeymoon right afterwards? We will help you choose your ideal location. In this article you will find the top ten most romantic islands that are perfect for a wedding to never forget!

  1. Wilson Island
    Wilson eiland
    This beautiful island off the coast of Australia is our absolute top destination. Wilson Island has everything you expect from a tropical location: white sandy beaches, palm trees, and a great diversity of flora and fauna. The island is perfect for water sport enthusiasts and beach bums alike. Does that sound like the ideal location for your wedding? Then keep on reading. For € 4000 a night the island is yours completely. This little paradise is furnished with luxurious safari tents, king size beds, hammocks and of course a breathtaking view of the Great Barrier Reef. There is only room for twelve people. You will be guaranteed an unforgettable wedding on Wilson Island.
  2. Zanzibar
    Trouwen op Zanzibar
    Our uncontested number two is off the coast of Tanzania in East Africa. The island is quite a bit larger than Wilson Island, but no less magical. Zanzibar is blessed with beautiful beaches, and has a number of unique wedding locations. Experienced wedding planners can fulfil your dreams on Zanzibar. Everything can be arranged according to your wishes, and you can choose between different venues and hotels, all of which are exceptional and stunning. A wedding under the African sun? Zanzibar is a beautiful island with an interesting culture.
  3. De Malediven
    Honeymoon Malediven
    The Maldives must be included in our Top Ten Spots and come in third place. The archipelago is made up of more than one thousand coral islands off the coast of India in the Indian Ocean. Our paradisiacal island is perfect for an exotic trip, and certainly for a magical wedding. The islands offer a plethora of possibilities and are renowned for their luxurious resorts and hospitality. Who wouldn’t want to get married on a crystal white beach with a breathtaking view of the Indian Ocean?
  4. Santorini
    Bruiloft Santorini
    Photocredits: Nikos Gogas
    Our number four is Santorini. This island lies off the coast of Greece and is known for its charming, blue-roofed white houses. Santorini’s beaches are dark because of the island's volcanic history. They are the result of a volcanic eruption that covered the beaches in dark lava. Lots of people arrange to have their wedding on these black lava beaches. Despite what happened in the past, Santorini is a beautiful island with cosy little villages with picturesque alleys. Everywhere you look you will see the dazzling Mediterranean Sea.
  5. Curaçao
    Trouwen Curacao

    Number five on our Top Ten Destinations is heavenly Curacao. In 2010 this island gained its independence from the Netherlands, but a large portion of the population still speaks Dutch. But of course a lot of people speak English as well. Get married in the Caribbean and order your cocktails in English! Curacao is also home to hundreds of idyllic beaches and awe inspiring locations to make your special day extraordinary.
  6. Chrisí
    In sixth place we have another Greek island, this time off the coast of Crete. Nobody can deny it: the combination of Greek charm and the romanticism of the Mediterranean Sea is hard to trump for an unforgettable wedding ceremony. The island is uninhabited, but can be hired per night. On Chrisi you do not have to worry about privacy, as you have the island all to yourselves and won’t be bothered by anyone. The island is mostly made up of sand, which is red in some locations.
  7. Taveuni
    Taveuni trouwceremonie
    Taveuni is number seven. This beautiful, tropical island off the coast of Fiji is nothing short of breathtaking. Again, it is an island with endless, wide beaches, and astonishing nature. Here you can imagine you have landed in the pages of a fairy tale book, complete with colourful flowers, birds of paradise and other delights. The island is very diverse: there are romantic beaches, tropical rain forests, refreshing waterfalls and a marvellous underwater world. Taveuni has everything you need for an extraordinary and unique wedding.
  8. Pamalican Island
    Pamalican eiland
    Off the coast of the Philippines you can find our number eight. Pamalican is once again a true gem. With its endless sandy beaches and pleasant temperatures, this island is the perfect location for a tropical wedding. The island is only two and a half kilometres long, and has just one resort. Here you can enjoy the peace and quiet… and each other! The coral reefs off the coast of the island are ideal spots to go snorkelling together and view the rich underwater life.
  9. Galešnjak
    Trouwen in Kroatie
    In ninth place is Galesnjak. It won’t matter that you cannot pronounce the name of the island! Only the Croatians themselves can do that. The small island off the coast of Croatia was practically unknown until aerial photographs showed the island to be heart shaped. From that day on the island became known as “lovers’ Island”, and became a symbolic wedding location for many couples. The island is privately owned, but it is possible to contact the owner to see if you can hire it from him. You can view the island on Google Maps and see why it has become such a popular wedding destination.
  10. Bali
    Bali is in tenth place, but it is certainly not any less romantic than any of the other islands mentioned above. This little jewel lies off the coast of Indonesia and offers innumerable unique locations for an unequalled wedding day or honeymoon. Bali has a cornucopia of beaches, nature and culture. There is something for everyone, and the huge diversity of locations is why many couples view Bali as the dream island for their dream wedding. Getting married in a rice paddy or on a banana plantation is not an everyday occurrence, and it is an experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Have a look here for the wedding that het Bruidsmeisje has arranged at Bali.

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