Wedding inspiration: tailored suit or off the rack?

Wedding inspiration: tailored suit or off the rack?

13 November 2012

Credits: Rox & San

During the planning of your wedding there are several aspects that you want to have well organized and everything costs of course money. Every person has his own feeling and taste about what he / she considers important on their wedding day. Is it food? The Rings? Or do you just want the full package?

In any case, the clothing you buy is a matter of personal taste and something you do largely for yourself and your partner. It is of course nice if the guests say afterwards "What did you look beautiful!"

In the field of wedding suits, there are two options, namely the choice for a ready-to-wear suit or the choice for a tailor-made wedding suit. Many people, however, wonder what exactly the differences are.

The differences between confection and customization
The biggest difference between a ready-made suit and a tailored wedding suit is the fit. This is not comparable. A tailor-made wedding suit is made in a pattern that is cut to your size (this will suit the wearer perfectly). A ready-made suit contains a general pattern that is made in a fit that must fit for the largest possible group of men. Then the scissors must be inserted and the fit of these is adjusted. There are, however, many limitations, including the type of shoulder that can not be adjusted, but also think of the tire height, cruising height and knee width of the trousers. In addition, the proportions are no longer correct when there is a lot of adjustment, since the suit is not meant to be.

Credits: Mon et Mine

Create your own wedding suit
A tailor made wedding suit can also be completely composed by you. As an extra, you can add a lot of personal details to your wedding suit, including a special lining with your own image(s) or collar felt with wedding dates or nice texts. This may seem complicated, but you will be assisted by a specialist from whom you can expect personal and good advice.

Credits: Ali was there

"But is a custom made wedding suit not unnecessarily expensive?"

Comparable prices confection and customization
This is a question that many wedding couples ask. My experience is that men generally spend the same amount for a ready-to-wear suit in a bridal fashion store, as well as for a custom made wedding suit. With ready-to-wear suits, you do not only pay for what you wear. You also pay for the stock that remains and for the high shopping costs. The price of a tailor-made wedding suit at Rietbergh you can gave from € 875, -. If you consider that you do not buy a ready-to-wear suit for many wedding fashion shops under € 1000. Then you see that the prices really are not far apart.

So if the price difference is no longer an issue, why not go for the perfect fit and personal styling? This answer, of course, remains personal.

Rutger Janssen

Wedding suit specialist at Rietbergh

Credits: Ali was there

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