Choices wedding: DJ or band? Limo or oldtimer?

Choices wedding: DJ or band? Limo or oldtimer?

30 April 2013

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You are getting married, everyone is allowed to know! But then it starts, making the choices for your wedding. You have to think of hundreds of things at once and decide everything well in advance. Not always the easiest task.

Do you still doubt between a band or a DJ, a limousine or an old-timer? We have listed the advantages and disadvantages for you. For example, music can make or break your party. It is also very personal, something else fits for everyone. That is why it is important to be aware of the advantages and disadvantages.

A band creates atmosphere!
Some think that a band creates the ultimate atmosphere, while others just think of a DJ. A difficult choice! Many find that a band 'belongs' at a wedding, often because almost everyone (in the past) opted for a band. A band can indeed create a real atmosphere, but then it must be a good band. However, what is a good band? It is in any case important to check whether the singer(s) have a good voice, because this can be disappointing for both expensive and cheaper bands. Nobody wants a false or shrieking voice at the wedding.

The disadvantage of a band is that they often have a fixed repertoire and therefore can not play everything you want. Songs are often bent to get the notes, so you prefer to hear the original, then choose a DJ. Other disadvantages are the many breaks that most bands need and the price, a band is often much more expensive than a DJ. But did you find that one good band? Then this band can really make a success of the evening. A band is looked at, especially by the people who remain seated. And your grandmother of 80 thinks the band is probably a lot more fun than a house DJ.

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Credits: Save the Date magazine (first blog photo), Bwright Photography & Mon et Mine

A DJ gets everyone on the dance floor!
Do you have a variety of music tastes? Or do you really like dance music? Then a DJ is the right choice. A band can not play different styles and certainly not dance music. So much more diversity is possible. With a DJ, the guests will also go to the dance floor a little faster, because there is not really something to watch. For your grandmother of 80, this may be a bit less fun. So also check which guests arrive at your wedding. Are there mainly young people at your wedding or also many elderly people? However, the great advantages of a DJ are not only the different styles of music and that everyone goes faster on the dance floor, but also the price. A good DJ is much cheaper than a good band and also with a much cheaper DJ, the evening can be a great success! Of course it is always important to make good arrangements, whatever you choose. Make firm agreements about times, the testing of the sound, the breaks, the consumption of food and (alcoholic) drinks, the opening dance, the songs, the insurance in case of theft or damage and calamities, when the DJ is sick for example . If you book a DJ at a larger company, this company can provide a good replacement. Make sure you have all the details in black on white so that you do not have to think about anything anymore on the day itself.

Credits: Photographix & Bellagala

Stylish limousine or oldtimer?
Choosing a wedding car can sometimes be as difficult as choosing music. Does the groom want to drive himself? In that case, the most expensive wedding cars to rent often fall off because they are only rented with a driver. However, in many oldtimers or convertibles only 2 people fit, so the groom has to drive himself. Do you not have a driver at the wedding car, but would you prefer not to drive yourself on this exciting day? Then let your witness, brother or nephew ride, or ask a person who is a bit further away from you.

An oldtimer can look very stylish and especially if your wedding has a vintage touch, it fits perfectly with the style of your wedding. Are you crazy about expensive sports cars? Or would you rather go in a chic limousine? The choice for a wedding car is very personal. What the one-person thinks is tacky, the other thinks it's stylish and vice versa. Many future brides leave the choice for the wedding car to the man and are surprised on the day in which car they are picked up.

Credits: The Nicols & Peter Kasbergen

Do not forget the day guests!
Also think about setting up a detailed agreement with a wedding car, in order to avoid discomforts on the day itself. However, there is an extra point to think about when it comes to wedding transport: the day guests. Do you let them drive in their cars themselves, with the chance of too few parking spaces, guests coming later than others and guests who do not know the way? Do you want the whole day complete and well arranged, then also arrange transport for your day guests. For example, an old bus is very nice to transport the day visitors. So they do not have to pay any attention anymore and you have all day guests together at the same time.

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Credits: Wedding Source & Weddingful

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