For wedding planners

For wedding planners

Do you want to continue growing as a wedding planner and become the best in the Netherlands?
Wedding planner het Bruidsmeisje helps you with lots of love & enthusiasm, through master classes, workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions.

Succesful start

Where to start as a wedding planner

In the summer of 2009 I made the switch from psychologist to wedding planner. At that time I did not know what to expect. With a study as a professional wedding planner in my pocket, I registered at the Chamber of Commerce in March 2010. Under the name het Bruidsmeisje. At that time there were quite a few wedding planners in the Netherlands who organized beautiful weddings and made their full-time business out of it. That’s what I wanted to do: Making couples happy by organizing one of the most beautiful days in their lives! But where to start?

Challenges & pitfalls as a wedding planner

There were continual challenges and pitfalls on my path. By trial and error, I learned how to make a wedding planner business successful. How do you position yourself in the market? What challenges do you encounter when working with bridal couples? How do you make a wedding a success? Which pitfalls have I encountered and of course still encounter? And how do you deal with this?

I hold you a mirror and let you think differently about your business. Guaranteed that you leave inspired!



In recent years, more and more wedding planners have joined the field. Determining yourself as a wedding planner is very important. This can be through a certain style, a specific niche or the experience that makes you grow into one of the best wedding planners in the Netherlands.

I share this experience with all my love. At the moment I have been working as a wedding planner for more than 12,5 years (since the end of 2009) and I have been able to organize many beautiful weddings from large to small. The counter now stands around the 180 weddings. Finally our approach hasn’t stayed unnoticed since we’ve been able to win a lot of great awards in the field and beyond.

Do you distinguish yourself by booking a workshop, master class or coaching session?


With special thanks to wedding photographers Barbara Kroon & Gerhard Nel

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