8 tips: how to make your wedding a success!

8 tips: how to make your wedding a success!

11 February 2021

I love to share the best tips to make your wedding a success. The ones that make guests say "Wow this was the most amazing wedding I've ever been to. I want this too!". A day to remember because all the elements were right. These tips I like to share with you so that I can make your day even more beautiful than it already is, in my own way.

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The first tip for your wedding you might not fully realize. In the Netherlands you do not have control over the weather (nowhere, I guess ;)), but what you can control is how the temperature feels for guests. How? I wouldn't recommend for example getting married outside at all costs when it's actually too chilly. Guests (unfortunately) can no longer pay attention and only think about how cold it is. Make sure they are comfortably warm, for example with fire baskets, blankets, heathers and an appropriate dress code will make sure they are dressed to the occasion.

Too hot can also be annoying, for example a ceremony in the hot burning sun. Make sure there is shade, perhaps a place with a nice breeze under a tree, bottles of fruit water on the chairs and ice cream after the ceremony. A party location with an air conditioner is certainly not a luxury in many places either. A mobile air conditioner could also be a possibility. Making sure you have the right temperature is the first tip on how to make your wedding a success and not get distracted from what the day is really about! So always make a weather plan for your wedding with scenario A (nice weather), B (cold weather), C (wet weather) and D (hot weather). Of course you don't have to work them all out, because you can still add lots of things last minute (if it's too chilly or too hot).


It seems so obvious, but delicious and sufficient food and drink can make or break your wedding day. A little something to drink and eat at the welcome, the most delicious wedding cake or sweet table during the afternoon, enjoying a delicious dinner, tasty snacks, fresh (virgin) cocktails and a surprising late-night snack at the party. Guests and yourselves can enjoy this so much! After all, love goes through the stomach for a reason. In fact, you should be able to taste food before you say YES to your wedding venue or caterer. I know that in many places that is not possible, but for true bon vivants it might be an added value if your venue has its own restaurant. Really, you can't have too much food and drink on a wedding day. The venue can advise you very well on what the right quantities will be.

Wedding cake


The third tip for your wedding may seem something you haven't thought of deeply, but it really is important to make the right guest list. Invite the people who make you happy, make you feel comfortable and who you definitely can not miss on your BIG day. Besides your guests, also choose the best suppliers for your wedding. It is so important that you have a click with everyone, that they also have fun and can work well together. Because that makes your day even more intense! So: only invite nice people! It is your day and not someone else's ;).

Bruiloft muziek


Music completes a wedding. It speaks to people's feelings, it gives energy, it touches you deeply and therefore makes your wedding even more memorable. From live music during the ceremony to the DJ or band at the party. Make sure you don't skip a moment of the wedding day, even at the reception and dinner a background music is very nice. And extra entertainment, like a live painter, piano bar or compliment girls, makes the day surprising and unique!


From beginning to end, the planning should makes sence and at the right moment you should move on to the next part. It is important that these parts are not too long, but also not too short which makes you feel rushed. There is no ideal duration for each part, because that entirely depends on what is happening and how many guests are present. A ceremony of more than an hour can feel long, but it can also fly by because there is so much going on and it is very dynamic.

Energies also change during the day, for example because people join for an evening party. Therefore, provide a transition time by already inviting these party guests to the dessert of the dinner by a delicious cake table or sweet table. This way the guests can already mingle, chat and feel welcome right away and a new synergy can be created. By waiting a little while with the opening of the party until you as the bride and groom have spoken to everyone (even if briefly), the roof can really come off and everyone feels like getting on that dance floor. And you know why? People really feel welcome and at ease!

Now I also know that creating a flow on the day itself is a fingerspitzengefühl, which I have developed over the years. If you have any doubts, I will gladly (free of charge) take a look at your day planning. If I can contribute even a tiny bit to an even more beautiful wedding day, I'll be happy to do so.

Marokkaanse bruiloft


The moment the guests enter the venue you have to give them the feeling that they come home. Proverbially that is (in most cases). A warm bath of hospitality. A day that is just right and fits who you are. Did you meet in the après-ski bar? Then plan an après-ski hour at the party! Do you love tapas? Then make sure there are tasty tapas platters ready at the cocktail hour. Are you whiskey lovers? Then give your guests a whiskey tasting. Make the day your own, because it will be a one-of-a-kind wedding. Surprising because it suits YOU!

Wedding music tips


Buzz ("activity"), that's what makes a wedding different from others. Make every moment a real memory. The ceremony because it is personal and dynamic via the interaction with your guests. Write your own personal wedding vows and not cliché like 100 previous weddings. Make the reception a fun affair with live music, activities, entertainment and great food & drinks (think of a delicious sweet table, champagne bar, barista cart etc.). The dinner with beautiful speeches (max 5 minutes per speech), relaxed music and different ways of serving. For example, the first course walking, the main course shared (bowls on the table) and the dessert with a delicious dessert table.

Make the party a real festival with a line-up of artists. Start with relaxed music with a live band that slowly plays more uptempo music. And subsequently let the party really start off with a DJ and live artists such as singer, electric guitar & violin, sax, trumpet ... you name it. You can't make it as crazy as that! And then a surprise act by a famous artist about 1.5 hours before the end and let the DJ finish it off. And to top it all off, a personalized laser- and fireworks show in one at the exit moment.
A surprising day is also a different wedding day plan: start with some drinks, nice dinner, then the ceremony and party! Or get married on day 1, have drinks and a full evening's dinner. And plan on day 2 all kinds of fun activities during the day, bbq in the afternoon and then a great party! Anything is possible: think outside the wedding box!



If you really want to let go and really enjoy it together with your loved ones. Want to bring the right vibe and atmosphere to the day; then hiring the right master of ceremonies is a must.
Ever thought about a wedding planner?
Because of these reasons couples hire me for their most beautiful day:

  • so all their friends and family can really enjoy the full wedding day and not be at work
  • so they don't have to reinvent the wheel and don't have to search endlessly on the web
  • it saves them a lot of time (with a busy job and/or kids time is not a luxury)
  • the best suppliers and locations that suit them are recommended
  • unique addresses that they can't find online themselves
  • knowing when it is best to arrange something
  • for those unique tips & ideas
  • as a sparring partner
  • the enormous network they can draw from (3000+ suppliers)
  • everything is arranged without them having to worry about forgetting something
  • it is so helpful that someone thinks along what is possible within the budget
  • the enormous experience with 1001 wedding things

And you can still decide what you really like to do and what you outsource.

Good luck and above all have fun 'filling in' your most beautiful BEST DAY EVER! And the last tip: Save these tips to your favorites ;-). Look back once in a while to make sure you didn't forget anything.

The beautiful photos on this blog were taken by Lotte de Graaf Photography, and are from the wedding of Myriam & Joep at Tuin De Hazelhof.

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