A rainy wedding day with sunshine in your hearts

A rainy wedding day with sunshine in your hearts

13 August 2019

Regen bruiloftPhoto credits: Vudinh Photography

The moment I write this blog the rain pours down here in Arnhem. It even thunders. "Oh no not at (y)our wedding." A lot of couples think beforehand, and if I'm honest a little bit more the brides than the grooms, that rain or 'bad' weather at your wedding is the biggest nightmare you can have. Because the weather can simply shatter that dream image that you have in your head.

If there is one thing that cannot be planned, it is the weather. And certainly in the Netherlands. The weather is so unpredictable, it can be completely different per hour. The only thing that can be planned is a plan B or even a plan C. And also how you deal with it yourself, you have control over that.

In Italy they say: 'Sposa Bagnata, Sposa Fortunata' which means: Wet bride, happy bride'.
Although, of course, I don't hope that it will literally become a wet bride... At most a few tears of happiness ;-).

Tips that will make you shine no matter what the weather that day will be:

  1. Weather apps
    I know how tempting it is to keep looking at what the weather does. However, this often changes until the day itself. Make sure you have a master of ceremonies or a wedding planner who will keep an eye on the weather for you. You have to trust them completely and you know that they will sound the alarm in time when the weather scenario A, B, C or D has to be pulled out of the closet. So: don't look yourself, because you're driving yourself crazy. Tips for relatively reliable weather apps: “Weer & Radar” en “Weather Pro”.
  2. Plan B 

    Make sure you have already worked out plan B or even plan C (for all parts, including a first look or photo shoot), maybe even weeks before the wedding. Discuss with your master of ceremonies or wedding planner when which decisions need to be made. Hiring a tent one day in advance is often very difficult, like heaters or blankets (if it's a bit chilly). Check well in advance which tent you would like, what size you need and what the costs are (so you can take this into account in the budget in advance), provided that you really want to stay outside for the wedding, drinks and dinner and the inside scenario of the location is not sufficient (e.g. a bit too small or a bit less beautiful).

    • Important: not every location is suitable for a tent or they don't allow it. So check this with your location and keep it in mind when booking the location if only the outdoor scenario is an option for you.
  3. Throw in the time schedule
    Sometimes, for example, when you marry abroad or celebrate a weekend wedding, where all your guests are already present, it may be an idea to move the ceremony an hour forward or backward. So you can avoid the showers. Discuss with your master of ceremonies or wedding planner whether this is possible and close this as soon as possible with the suppliers and location whether this is also possible for them. And, of course, inform the guests so they are ready on time.
  4. Don't forget
    • Make sure you have enough umbrellas (for the photo shoot, for the guests if they have to walk outside)
    • Rain boots can also be very handy (and cool!)
    • Blankets for when it's a bit cooler (not too cold because then even blankets can't help).
  5. Mindset
    Once you've taken care of all the practical aspects, the most difficult, but also the most important, is often the button that you have to turn over in your head! How to let go?

    • Know that everything you can control is arranged (plan B, C etc).
    • Know that the weather is very changeable. In the Netherlands it almost never rains all day long. So even taking pictures outside will always work (for a while).
    • All couples, really all couples I've been able to plan the wedding for the past 10 years hated the idea of rain on their wedding day, but in hindsight everyone said it didn't matter to me. It remained one of the most beautiful days of their lives, because they were with the people they love and that was the most important thing. There are even couples who say: "I didn't want it any other way, it was perfect that way."
    • Biggest advantage of rain at your wedding: people don't fan out, stay close together and there is a kind of feeling of togetherness, which makes the wedding even more intimate and cozy! Really!

Bruiloft in een tentPhoto credits: Amanda Drost

“Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing,
wind braces up, snow is exhilarating;
there is no such thing as bas weather,
only different kids of good weather”
- Ruskin

Make sure you have a master of ceremonies or a wedding planner who takes your (worries) seriously, but who can also help you to let it go. Call him or her if you have some panic in your head. That often makes a big difference.

Photo credits: Gerhard Nel

Plan A

Okay, some of you are already thinking: "But I don't want to plan B or C, it just has to be plan A (especially during the wedding ceremony)". Well you can, but burying your head in the sand or just wanting to plan A is not really helping ;-). Think about the following points:

  • The expensive instruments of musicians really can't stand rain (it's also mentioned in their conditions that they need a roof in case of hot weather or rain).
  • If you have umbrellas instead of a tent it can clamber very loudly above the people's head so they don't hear much of the ceremony anymore and get distracted, just like you and that's a shame!
  • Even when it rains and blows hard at the same time it can still end up on the people (and you!) and that's not so nice for anyone (everyone has done their best to look beautiful). Once I said to a bride and groom: "Is it the place or the content that matters to you" ... it was a bit difficult but of course the content they said! So the inside option it was.
  • If the location and suppliers know it in time, they can make the indoor option or plan B even more beautiful than if we need to switch last minute, when it turns out it's raining and everything is 'rained'. It's a shame to postpone your choice for too long.

IIn Hinduism they say: "The more rain on your wedding day, the happier the wedding."
And in the Armenian culture: "It's a good sign because the rain washes away everything that was there before.
Which means you're going to make a new start together."

And did you know that you can even take out a wedding day insurance for extreme weather conditions? Then take a look at www.bruiloftverzekeringen.nl

Wind en regen op je bruiloft
Photo credits: Vudinh Photography

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