Cosmopolitan: Organizing a fun bachelor party!

Cosmopolitan: Organizing a fun bachelor party!

10 April 2011


Never bunny ears again - This is how you organize a fun bachelor party

Your inbox is full of emails every day: planning the date alone is a tragedy. Not to mention the discussions about the budget. In the end, you can put 100 euros and sit on a drizzly Saturday afternoon between completely unknown friends and colleagues of the bride-to-be and paint a bird house. And this because your childhood friend is getting married soon ... It can be different. Do you have the dubious honor to organize the bachelor party for your friend, sister or niece? With the tips of wedding planner Vivian ter Huurne of het Bruidsmeisje ( you can circumvent the five biggest stumbling blocks.

  1. The invitees
    Before you know it, you're surrounded on a Friday night by a noisy hockey team of half-drunk women in the local pub of the bachelorette. Or, in the absence of peers, you can't get rit of the mother-in-law of the future bride. Fun is different. But how do you get the right group of women together? And how much do you need? Wedding planner Vivian: "Does the bride know about her bachelor party, ask who she absolutely wants to have and who is especially not welcome. Is the bachelor party a surprise for her? Then get the guest list of the wedding planner. The future couple has already looked who they want to have on the big day. Especially the day-guests are close to the bride and are therefore important to her. Also keep in mind the kind of bachelor party. Is the bride a party animal, then a party evening with fifteen women would be great. Does she want an intimate party? Leave colleagues and acquaintances out and limit yourself to her best friends. Five to ten is enough then. Do not be afraid to disappoint people. That one friend really feels that the friendship is not that strong anymore."
  2. The date
    Have you finally found the right women, you are waiting for the hell of a job to get everyone together on the same day. And even though your soon to be married friend probably knows that her bachelor party is coming, the exact date is kept a secret as possible. The chance is small that she has a blank agenda just before the wedding, so plan important appointments. Vivian: "Involve her partner in the organization. He probably knows his agenda best. "Put possible dates on and let the guests fill this out. Look at the list of invitees who is important to the bachelor and keep that in mind when picking the date. "
  3. The budget
    The costs of a bachelor party can increase considerably. With a workshop, dinner and night out, you quickly pay between 70 and 100 euros per person. Fine maybe for once, but what if one after the other friend is getting married? Vivian: "Mail all guests in advance with the question how much they want to spend and see what comes out on average. Does someone have a benefit or is she a student? Then the rest can pay 5 euros more in consultation, so that good friend can join. If several people find the amount you have in your head too high, adjust your plan accordingly. Organize an extensive lunch at someone's home or in the park instead of a dinner in a restaurant. With a bit of creativity you will come a long way. "Also look at the wedding itself. If, for example, it takes place abroad, you will spend extra money on travel expenses and hotel stays. Then you may be able to keep the bachelor party a bit cheaper. "You can not oblige anyone to make sky-high costs," says Vivian. "Consider what is decisive for the bride: that everyone is there, or an exclusive activity."
  4. The program
    One bride goes wild at a painting workshop, the other prefers to ride a beer bike. No matter how much you like the program, someone will always have something to complain about. What to do? Vivian: "Involve all guests in thinking up activities. Collect all input. Send an e-mail with information about what you have learned from the ideas and how to solve this budget technically. Tell us why you choose the activity: in this way you create more understanding and you get fewer cancellations. "Keep in mind the guests. Don't put a pregnant woman in a kart. Vivian: "If it is an activity that the bride really wants and one person objects to this, then the person must understand: this is for the bride. Let her do something different, so she is not blue-faced on the side of the go-kart track. For example, she can already prepare a tasty lunch."
  5. The food
    After a successful afternoon program, you will treat the bachelorette to a good dinner. But you can not argue about taste: one guest loves Italian, the other loves Thai. In addition, the one can spend more money for a star meal than the other. What are you doing? Vivian: "Think about what makes the bride the happiest. Ask in advance if people have dietary needs or allergies. Do not just focus on the negative, ask for ideas. For example, whether they have a nice and affordable diner. "If everything is arranged, there is often one person who can not find himself in the budget or the activity. Vivian: "Set up flexibly and make compromises. Always keep an argument with yourself and do not immediately attack. If you do not speak out and solve these irritations in advance, chances are that they will play a role during the bachelor party."And should the bachelor party not be the party of the year in your eyes? Remember that the bride thinks it is super cute that her friends have arranged something so special for her.

Want to read the whole Dutch article of Wedding planner het Bruidsmeisje? Cosmopolitan bachelor party.pdf

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