Tips: How to make your wedding day more personal

Tips: How to make your wedding day more personal

11 March 2013

Nancy Ray Photo credits: Nancy Ray

A wedding is something very special! And we all would love it to be unique, some a little more than others ;-). I can imagine this may well be difficult every now and then. With all the inspiration and possibilities sometimes you can't see the wood for trees anymore. My golden tip is to add a lot of personal touches to your wedding. Below you will find 10 special, fun, inspiring ideas to give your wedding that real personal touch.

1. Show it!

Design your own save-the-date card, invitations and other print work. That way you can 'easily' give your wedding and yourselves the right look and feel. The first impression is often the most important. Create wedding signs showing beautiful wishes for your guests or your favorite quotes.

2. Color your day!

For a big part colors determine the atmosphere. Together with the details of the styling, which will finish it all, it will give the wedding your personal touch. Instead of name cards on the dinner table you can also write a sweat little card to every guest on which you write how important they are to you. Put their names on the front, so that not everyone can read it right away. Or how about using your favorite flowers of the season in the styling... Possibilities are endless!

3. Groom, write something sweet on the shoe soles of your bride!

Nothing is as personal as a few last, sweet words from your husband-to-be before you are getting married. And why should it defaults to a note? Be original and write a little message on the shoe soles of your bride!

schoenen bloemen lampionnen en caketafel Photo credits: Brooke Images, Nicole Hill, Shannen Norman en Alea Lovely

4. Make your ceremony more personal with an independent registrar!

An independent registrar you don't get assigned by the local authorities, but you pick her/him yourselves, based on character and style. She/he puts more energy in your wedding day than a registrar and designs a customized personal wedding ceremony. Perhaps with a beautiful poem by your father or song in between sung by your best friend?

5. Spoil your guests!

Maybe you throw a big party and afterwards your friends and family stay for the night. Fantastic that they are there, without them your wedding day would not be complete. Let your guests know this! Write lovely notes and put them in their hotel rooms, together with your favorite bonbons!

wedding signs Photo credits: Illuminate Photography, Jose Villa & Etsy

6. Write your own wedding vows!

There are a thousand and one wedding vows and every wedding vow contains something that appeals to you. But, there is no single wedding vow that expresses exactly how you feel or what you have been through together. Take the time to dive deep into your heart and write these feelings down. Eternal devotion can't be more personal!

7. Personal supper!

Mosts guests staying for dinner know you well of course...they think. But there are always those little things people don't know. A great idea is to take everyone on a trip through your lives using a photo table runner. Old memories will revive, which provides fun topics to talk about! Besides the fact they know you, or get to know, you want to show that you know your guests too. Find a nice picture of every guest and stick it on the name cards or on the menu cards.

tafelloper uitnodigingen ceremonie Photo credits: Krista Mason, Aislinn Kate, Bobbi & Mike

8. Feet off the floor!

Maybe she loves to dance, he has an eye for art or one of you has another fun hobby. Do something with this, invite someone who can give a workshop in which all your guests can participate. Everyone gets to know each other better and it causes a lot of fun and laughter.

9. Guests complete it!

Often you have someone on your guest list, a creative aunt, a musical friend or another friend with a special talent who would like to contribute to the day itself. It gives the day a personal touch and provides some diversity. But beware: this person of course needs to be able to enjoy the day, so give him of her a small amount of time.

10. A surprise to take home

It is great fun to extend the romantic party mood until your guests are home again. Give them a funny, sweet, personal thank you gift that totally breaths you. For example a nice goodie bag with your favorite candy or a CD with music you enjoy of your favorite drink or your favorite... Plenty ideas I'd say!

goodiebag drankjes bedankjes Photo credits: Stephanie Saul, René Onstenk & Kellene Giloff

Do you find it difficult to put your personality in your wedding? Don't hesitate and plan a wedding consult with het Bruidsmeisje!

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