Fun wedding activities!!

Fun wedding activities!!

24 May 2013

activiteiten bruiloft

Nowadays nothing is more fun than adding a cool activity on your wedding to keep your guests in a great mood. Especially for you we put eight activities at a glance!

1. Old Dutch games for young and old!
Horseshoe throwing, 'zakspringen', shuffleboard or cricket, anything is possible! Great for over a drink, to chat and you create a casual, cosy atmosphere.

2. Say cheese!
It's always fun to do something with photo's. We give you 3 ideas, but there are plenty possibilities. Cliché, but very true: a picture paints a thousand words!

Photo Booth: dress up, go crazy and say cheese in an old-school photo booth.

Photo frame: pick a nice place, hang a photo frame with your names and wedding date and let all your guests take place in the frame! Guests can put this picture in the guest book together with their ultimate wedding tip. They can also take a picture home as a memento of your day.

Silhouette: let your guests stand behind a cloth and take pictures by night!

Photo credits: Affordable Weddings (first blog photo) Green Wedding Shoes, Love Ala & Caroline Photo

3. A video message to never forget
Below are two of my favorites ;-). I think it's fantastic to do something with film and photo on your wedding!

Big Brother is watching you: Rather than a guestbook, place a wedding guest cam. Your guests take place in a super cool caravan and big brother asks them questions en plays music. Eventually, you as bride and groom receive a fully-edited film in your mailbox.

Marryoke: Very original and hilarious to look back! Find an easy singalong song that is special for you. On the day of the wedding you and all your guests record a video clip. To give you an idea, watch below the super cool video of Rianne en Sander!

Video credits: Marryoke

4. Entertain your guests!
Provide some entertainment to make sure your guests are in a happy flow throughout the day. For example a dance workshop during the drink, so that everyone is well prepared for the party ;-). Or how about a roll a cigar workshop with whiskey tasting for the men and a wine tasting for the women!

5. Who said what on Facebook?
It's always great fun to test how well your guests know you. Is the statement “A day without Starbucks is a day wasted” hers or his? And “In one month I marry my best buddy” is really something for her, but...she actually said that? Make a list of some fun, original or just standard statements and test your dear family and friends ;-).

sigaren bar
Photo credits: Etsy & Veranda Weddings

6. Show your face from your best side!
Super fun to capture the face of your guests in a different way than a photograph.

Caricatures: The moment itself super fun and later on for all guests a cool reminder of your wedding. Hire a draughtsman, tell him your theme and let him adjust the caricatures to it.

Silhouette artist: How cool to make live silhouettes of your guests! A good artist is able to cut a person out of paper within a minute! Fun to give to guests to take home, but also super cute and quirky to stick with a personal message in the guestbook.

karikaturist bruiloft
Photo credits: Mon et Mine & Martha Stewart

7. Wedding Advice!
You have a great day and start life as a married couple in good spirits ;-). Ask your friends and family for some wedding advice to hold on to this feeling and what to do in difficult times!

“Fill in”: Download or come up with a super cool text and leave out a few words here and there, so that the guests can complete the sentences. After the wedding you will have super cute notes to read through and who knows what a crazy tip your aunt might have to make your marriage succeed!

Love Tree: Not only fun for the day, but also to put in your home. Buy a small tree or create one out of wood and let your guests hang their notes with the best tips!

Wine Box: Fill it with your favorite wine which gets tastier with age, fill it with sweet love letters and nail down during the ceremony. Open it when you are having your first heavy argument or else at prearranged anniversary.

Write it on a stone: Except watching a beautiful sunset at the beach you can also collect stones together with your love. Use them during your wedding to let guests write a short, but powerful advice on it!

Trouwadvies bruiloft
Photo credits: Katie Day Photography & Sublet Studios

8. Shine a light!
The evening comes to an end and it is time for you to go. Nothing is more fun than to close the evening in a special way and leave the party at its climax. Wait until dark, go all together outside and release wish balloons! I promise you it will have a fantastic effect if you launch a lot at the same!

geluksballonnen shine a light
Photo credits: The Knot & Yang Tee Mon

If you guys think on adding a cool activity to your wedding, but you can't really make it out: Feel free to ask wedding planner het Bruidsmeisje for advice!

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