10 tips for the opening of your wedding party

10 tips for the opening of your wedding party

12 March 2019

Being in the centre of everyones attention: one loves it and the other says oh please no! Especially the grooms often are saying they don't want a first dance. Luckily there are enough alternatives.

In addition to cool alternatives, also tips for creating an unforgettable wedding party!

  1. Make sure you have received all the congratulations before the opening of the party.
    Traditionally you would say, as soon as you enter the party room as a wedding couple, you have to do an opening dance. However, I say do not do that because it is not useful. Schedule the opening of the party a little later once you have congratulated everyone. You can estimate the time depending on the number of guests that will be added in the evening. Calculate roughly half a minute per person.
  2. Congratulations and the opening in one.
    Create a hedge with all your guests, giving everyone a glass of champagne. Walk through the hedge toasting towards the dance floor. Ask your master of ceremonies whether he / she ensures that everyone immediately goes onto the dance floor. Of course with your favorite music..
    Ere haag bruiloft Photo: Mooi belicht trouwreportages
  3. Rock that dress!
    Fair is fair, dancing with a beautiful dress that has a decent sleep or a hoop is not very useful. And often quite warm. Tip: short wedding dresses are totally hip! You get married (in principle ;-)) only once. So make sure you have a super cool short dress within reach for the party evening. Certainly if it is just as hot as the summer last year!
  4. Do the first dance together with your guests..
    Say what? Hire a dance teacher who will ensure that you create an opening dance together with your guests. No lessons in advance but on the spot, the dance teacher ensures that everyone will dance along. Hilarious and brilliant!
    opening party wedding Photo: Kisses & Confetti
  5. Change your look
    In recent years you will see many beautiful accessories appear in your hair. During the day, beautiful long strands and a veil. In the evening you light up your hair with a beautiful hair ornament. Tip: at the beautiful bride shop they have a lot of choice! I like!
    openingsdans bruiloft Photo: Anouschka Rokebrand
  6. Opening act Burst
    One of my favorite opening acts is that of Lucifers Slagwerk called Burst! Check the video below. Too cool or not? You cannot "play" with fire at every location, but then the splashing drums are an insane alternative.
  7. Band & DJ
    When you book a band, always make sure you book a DJ with it. Nothing feels so crazy about a party when there is quiet background music during the band's breaks. Then the party often collapses and people see it as a sign to go home. And of course you don't want that! The better bands also take a DJ as standard. Tip: also read the blog about the pros and cons for a Band or DJ.
  8. Opening dance with a personalized LED dance act
    Professional dancers make an opening dance with all kinds of great LED attributes. It gives a very cool show and the coolest thing is that it can be made completely personal with your photos, texts and music!
    Openingsact bruiloft feest led Photo: Studio Damon
  9. Bar on the dance floor
    Not literally on the dance floor of course. But did you know that there are more people on the dance floor when the bar is right next to it? It also makes a difference if you come with drinks. Although that is a bit more dangerous on the dance floor. But that could be a good alternative if, for example, the bar is in a different room. (The photo below is brilliant and Damon Pijlman has already won several awards with it, but of course you don't want that on your wedding day ;-))
    Award bruidsfoto
  10. No air conditioning and hot weather: postpone the opening dance
    If your location does not have air conditioning and it is very hot outside, postpone the opening dance (in consultation with the music and master of ceremonies of course) until it is more pleasant inside. The chance is then greater that you stay on the dance floor. Then it is better to shoot 2 hours than being forced to have people on the dance floor for 4 hours.

Also check out this blog for cool alternatives to the opening dance: from showing a same day edit, singing an opening song, challenging your guests for a dance battle or a flash mob that always works great!

And you know the most important thing is that you really only have to do what suits you! Enjoy it!

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