Great tips of a wedding photographer: the first look

Great tips of a wedding photographer: the first look

19 February 2011


Nanda from FOTOZEE blogs for wedding planner het Bruidsmeisje

The first look

I admit it: I am addicted to weddings. Nothing is more fun than chasing a wedding at those special moments, the real emotions! And that piece of cake that I put in the right spot and in the right light with love and precision, I can eat after photographing, I think.

So I am a wedding photographer or rather a wedding photo journalist. With my wedding photography, I show you how your wedding was, the true story. No bride who gets the assignment to drape her back in a U-shape over the arm of her gum. Enjoy the day, then I make the most beautiful photos!

I must admit, however; of the anecdote I am going to share with you now, I missed a photo moment. It was the moment of the meeting and it was planned as most encounters between the soon-to-be-married lovebirds take place. In a cramped hallway with a slightly tense groom at the bottom of the stairs and a slightly more nervous bride at the top. Because as a woman you think. Is he going to like my dress? And with this hairstyle I will never push a shopping cart? My heels suddenly seem 5 cm higher after the first touch down. And then you realize that walking down the stairs in a pair of jeans is a breeze compared to descending into a wedding dress.

Half of the stairs were overcome, but then the bride lost her balance. Groom and I shot forward in a reflex to prevent them from stumbling down the stairs. Fortunately, the damage was limited to a miniscule scrape on her forearm.

Therefore, tip 1 of PHOTOZEE: do not let the meeting take place at the bottom of the stairs. A much safer alternative is the living room. Let the groom stand with his back to the door. The bride comes to her ease and concentrates the stairs. Once in the living room, let her mother fidget on her dress (oh, the mothers of the bride are so fond of it, all day long). Meanwhile, the day guests call ah and oh. A wonderful tension is built for the groom. And then he may turn around. This is one of my favorite photo opportunities of the day .... unfortunately I missed this shot as you can imagine ;-)

Then I want to give an extra tip as a wedding planner: think out of the box and do not just do everything because you think it's the way it should, but do whatever suits you!

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