Marriage proposal ideas

Marriage proposal ideas

14 February 2011

Mon et Mine

The beginning of a wonderful period. You want to make it a lasting memory. The marriage proposal has to be unique, surprising, totally 'you' and arranged down to the last detail. In any case, no standard proposal.

  • But how can you best realize this?
  • How are you going to come up with a conspiracy so that the bride or groom does not know anything about it?

Wedding planner het Bruidsmeisje can perfectly help you with this. Together we will brainstorm about all possible ideas. Wedding planner het Bruidsmeisje will elaborate this into a plan of action and who should be involved in the conspiracy. During the day of the marriage proposal she ensures that everything runs smoothly ... so that your partner can only say YES!

Some tips from wedding planner het Bruidsmeisje for a great marriage proposal:

  • Say it with balloons
    Buy beautiful party balloons and fill them with rose petals (or sweet notes) and helium. In one of the balloons you will hide the ring. While your partner is sleeping, you will be secretly stuffing the entire room with all the balloons. A nice breakfast is ready in the kitchen. If your partner wakes up then the whole bedroom is full of balloons. You are now giving the assignment to puncture all the balloons, because in one of the balloons is something special. A lot of popping, the rose petals fly around your ears and then suddenly a ring falls down from a balloon. You go on your knees and ask your partner to marry you!
  • With your head in the clouds
    Book a romantic flight in a hot air balloon. Provide delicious champagne and your favorite snacks. After wandering through the air for a while, when sun sets, you ask your partner to marry you!
  • Give it a funny touch
    Ask your favorite comedian to process you, as a future bride or groom, in his show. In advance you will discuss together how you can approach this in a playful way. And then on the night itself: you will be asked on the stage, and of course completely surprised. And now is the time to ask the question! A complete surprise for everyone!
  • On your knee at Disney
    Book a cozy and romantic weekend to Disneyland. Dress up, on the second day, as one of the Disney characters (in consultation with Disneyland you can probably borrow a suit from them), for example Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck. Go so called to the toilet or back to the hotel because you have forgotten something, so you can dress up. Surprise your loved one and ask her to marry you!

Below some more movies of great marriage requests ...

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