100 x Love is ….

100 x Love is ….

01 March 2011

Mon et Mine  

Tip of wedding planner het Bruidsmeisje: Do something special for each other at the wedding itself ... sing, dance, write a poem ... Because love is ...

  • making together a 'love is' list
  • to get up a few minutes earlier so that you do not wake him up
  • make a fresh orange juice. On a weekday!
  • cycling together to work
  • send digital kisses
  • cooking together
  • a kiss in the neck
  • in the morning tell your dreams to each other
  • scratch him on his back
  • stay together at home and enjoy doing "nothing"
  • do not be afraid to think about the future
  • a kiss at a closed level crossing
  • a kiss at a red traffic light
  • Sunday morning…
  • bring her a blanket when she is sitting in the chair
  • getting her dirty hair out of the shower sod
  • to share a dessert
  • play a party game together
  • in the little things
  • a very light touch
  • feel phantom cuddles when he has just left
  • make a tea for him when he is sitting behind the computer
  • allow her to buy cute useless decoration for the house
  • "move" Valentines day for 3 days because his favorite restaurant is open then
  • keep each other warm on a cold winter night
  • stroking each other's hair
  • secretly grab each other's hand if you are not allowed to eat
  • just know that it's okay
  • sudden butterflies after years of being together
  • can not keep quiet about him
  • a message on the wall
  • leave sneaky messages on his phone
  • post-it poetry
  • being jealous of his colleagues, because they can spend so much time with him
  • learn about computers to understand his work
  • to improvise the most fancied pieces of music together
  • still sleeping with the stuffed animal he gave you in the beginning as a gift
  • hugs, cuddly toys and again hugs.
  • "accidentally" humming his favorite song
  • a massage after a long working day
  • know that if necessary, you also get a massage
  • giving a kiss where it hurts and you really feel better about it
  • together can be silent
  • your head on her stomach
  • worried if she comes home later from the music lesson
  • to take thousands of cute photos
  • make time to enjoy
  • also say it
  • couples dancing
  • give her present a prominent place on your desk
  • help him rehearse his stage texts
  • fall asleep in each other's arms
  • water her plants if she is not there
  • carpooling
  • unlock the back door and turn on the outside light when she comes home late
  • share a fitting room
  • surprise her with a visit to the chocolate bar
  • do not want him to lose weight, because his belly is so soft
  • saving the world together
  • let her cry on your shoulder
  • understand each other without words
  • a mini-nibble in her ear
  • get a surprise smoothie and deliver it to his work
  • after all these years still going to sleep together
  • as if you've known each other for years, but that time has passed much too quickly
  • keep her side of the bed warm when she has to go to the toilet
  • a hundred times saying "I love you" when he leaves, so that surely is the last thing he heard
  • keep looking at the window until you can not see him at all
  • a message if you will be a little later
  • secretly stopping a coffee cake at his lunch
  • adjust your cooking time so that the food is ready when it comes home
  • do not say "I said so" because that does not matter
  • really enjoy the smallest kisses
  • exchange dinner at restaurant
  • help her diet because you support her. Not because you find her too fat.
  • say how beautiful she looks every morning
  • secretly enjoy when she dresses up for you
  • to put on lingerie in his favorite color
  • make him aware of it in the morning
  • if he wants a night out
  • give her the keys if you do not feel drunk at all
  • to make a photo book about your first year together
  • his photo as a screen saver
  • pick her up when it rains very hard
  • cycle home a little faster so that you have more time together
  • listen to his heartbeat when you are in his arms
  • make tea and soup when he is sick
  • still find it terrible when you have to say goodbye
  • do not mind that she cries with every emotional film scene
  • do not always want to be right
  • just do not manage to get angry with him
  • cutting the onions because he really can not stand it
  • together scratching the ice from the car
  • get her hair out of her eyes for the kiss
  • give him some time alone
  • walk with her in the snow
  • take off your dirty shoes at the door when she has just cleaned
  • sew on buttons
  • do not take your relationship for granted
  • know that this time really is forever

100 x lovingly written by Tine Putzeys

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