Petra & Sicco: relax and rural wedding in Ulvenhout

Petra & Sicco: relax and rural wedding in Ulvenhout

06 June 2012

Bruiloft Landgoed Ulvenhart

On March 28th 2011, I got in contact with Petra and Sicco, thanks to Mariëlle Jongmans of De Bijzonder Huwelijkssluiting. An enthusiastic mail was the start of a pleasant and special planning of a wonderful marriage! In the first email, Petra wrote: "We want to make it a very personal wedding and also have ideas but do not yet know how to shape it. We both love things differently and are open to nice, surprising and new ideas. So that's why we come to you!" How nice, I love that!

The beginning of the (wedding) day
It was Friday, April 27th 2012.. The sun is shining, but it is a bit cold. Sicco, Petra and the children slept wonderfully on the estate. At 8 o'clock the makeup artist and hair stylist Cynthia is already present to make Petra even more beautiful than she already is. Petra gets a beautiful flower in her hair. The same flower as Sicco had given her the very first time. How special!

Aankleden Trouwjurk

The first look
The bride and groom are very relaxed and eager to see each other in their bridal clothes for the first time. At Estate Ulvenhart there is a beautiful well where Sicco, with his back to the farm, is waiting for Petra. She taps him on his shoulders, he turns around and looks at what he sees before him!

After the first look they quickly go inside so the day guests can not see them yet. As a master of ceremonies I receive the day guests and show the rooms of those who stay overnight. Everyone is there and we all stand at the well again. After a nice show from Petra, Sicco and the children, the oh's and ah's follow and sweet hugs & clapping.

De ontmoeting

Because it is just a bit too chilly to picnic in the meadow, it was kept in a half open shed. Very cozy and with the blankets and a fire pit it is slowly getting a bit warmer. Fresh pasta salads, quiches, sausage rolls, cottage cheese balls, brownie cheesecakes and much more! Everything is fresh, even the different juices.

Picknick bruiloft

Horse ride
As a surprise, a covered wagon comes at a given moment. An hour-long trip through the beautiful countryside of Ulvenhout, with fresh coffee and tea, everyone can really catch up and some people get to know each other better.


Upon return, all guests get a drink and Petra, Sicco and the children go to photo shoot. At the estate, photos are taken on top of the woodpile, lying between the dandelions ... all very pure.


A special wedding ceremony
Meanwhile, all other guests arrive. The ceremony can almost begin! The wedding singers start to sing "SHE" ... Sicco comes walking in and at the height of the song Petra and the children come in and give her away to Sicco. A very special, personal and emotional wedding ceremony follows. The end of the ceremony takes place outside, at the well. Mariëlle has both Sicco, Petra and the children fill a bottle with different colors of sand. Every person is unique and can retain his own personality, but together they are one family and strong. There are also some pebbles from the estate (where the wedding is closed) added so the bottle is completely full and can close well. With a final word from Mariëlle, the rose petals are scattered over the bride and groom by all guests. A toast with prosecco, children's champagne, date cake and brownies follows!


Extensive dining
After the toast with congratulations and delicious sweets of an hour, everyone is introduced to the 'Raaf' where the tables are beautifully covered with personal menu cards where the guests can write their wish for the bride and groom. When the starters are served, the children, together with the cook, bake fresh pizzas in the wood-fired brick oven. Really super nice and delicious!

Aankleding dinertafel Ulvenhart

Feet of the floor: Salsa-time!!
Saïd comes in after the starter. Petra and Sicco met for the first time during salsa, where Saïd was their dance teacher. How nice is it that all guests now get a workshop from him! Everyone comes to the dance floor and does its utmost during the workshop. There is a lot of laughter and everyone is enjoying it. After a break, part 2 follows. With the opening salsa dance by Petra and Sicco. Wow!

Salsaworkshop diner

The main course! Fresh country bread with pesto on the table, canneloni from the oven with fresh pasta salads are served. The Raven immediately smells delicious to all the goodies.

After the feet have gone off the floor again the dessert follows! Artisanal meringues with cream and red fruit, charlotte tarts of raspberry pudding and long fingers decorated with light pink lace ribbon and teapots with different types of tea and coffee from cafeterias.

Everyone is really enjoying themselves and many guests are once again on the dance floor. At the end of the evening all guests receive a personal thank you. A warm blanket surrounded by a personal message and a thank you.
Petra, Sicco, the children and their immediate family and friends do not have to go far and they can dive into their bed. After which the next morning a delicious breakfast is served in the bakehouse .. with fresh French toast, cruesli, warm loaves of bread, sweet rolls, fresh juices and much more! What a wonderful wedding weekend it was! Personal, creative, with an eye for details, wonderfully relaxed and special!

Trouwambtenaar en ceremoniemeester


  • Have the first meeting ('first look') take place in a special place or in the open air so that everyone can see the future wedding couple. With a doorbell scene it is much more difficult to take beautiful pictures.
  • A fun activity breaks the day and ensures relaxation and connection between guests, such as a covered wagon ride or a salsa workshop.
  • Enabling an independent wedding official / ceremony speaker for the ceremony with live music also makes it even more emotional, more striking, special and very personal.
  • Go for an alternative guestbook, for example let the guests write a message on their personal menu cards with a wish for the brand new bride and groom.
  • Make your wedding day longer by spending the night with all your guests (or a more intimate club) and having a nice brunch together the next day.
  • And of course: make sure you can really enjoy carefree wedding by hiring a professional master of ceremonies.
    Read the full article in Dutch in TROUWEN magazine

Photo credits: DAJA fotografie

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