Wedding dress code: Summer Chic

Wedding dress code: Summer Chic

24 April 2012

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Nowadays it is customary to mention a dress code on your wedding invitation to give your guests an idea of ​​what you expect from them. The best thing is to mention a dress code that best fits the theme of your wedding.

Besides the standard dress codes (cocktail, black tie, white tie) you can also make your own dress code. Indeed, the standard dress codes are increasingly being deviated from.

If you have no idea what kind of dress code you should put on your card, here are some nice ideas.


This is a very broad theme and you do well to add years 40, 50 or maybe 70 inspired, so people do not arrive with the wrong clothes. People can go to second hand shops, vintage boutiques or fancy dress shops.

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Color theme

This is an easy and clear theme for your guests. You give them a color and they can see for themselves how far they implement the color theme. If you are afraid that the guests are completely in the chosen color you can say "a hint or ... .."

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New York Chic

You should think of especially trendy (expensive) clothing. Everything is allowed and possible as long as you have carefully selected it. Most people combine designer objects (jewelry / scarf) with some cheaper clothes to keep it affordable.

New York Chic
Credits: Poughkeepsiejournal

Summer Chic

This is my favorite dress code, your guests can go there in any direction. The literal translation is summery but chic and this means that it does not have to be too formal, but you do not expect your guests in a beach dress with slippers or for the men shorts with a t-shirt. Summer chic is for the women a dress / jumpsuit with pumps or for the older ladies a long skirt with a jacket in a summer color or with a nice floral print. For men you should think of a shirt in a summer color with linen pants or colored cotton pants. In my opinion, beautiful dark jeans can also be used when you combine it with a chic shirt.

Summer chiqueSummer Chic
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Note: This blog was written by vintage Bride Carmen in April 2012

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