Bride to be: I promise & I believe

Bride to be: I promise & I believe

25 August 2010

Maybe a rather strange title for a bride-to-be. The ONE does not exist. I do not believe in 1 perfect love for everyone. I do not believe in unconditional love between partners (but between parent and child). There are conditions to love. Everyone has their limits. I do not believe in equal relationships where there is never a fight, irritation or routine. I do not believe in the fairy tale that in real love is completely unimportant when it comes to "choosing" a partner. I do not believe that someone else can be responsible for making your life happy. I do not believe you can know for sure that you will stay together for the rest of your life, no matter what happens.

I believe in life that can take a different turn because you go left or right, sometimes literally. I believe that you can meet someone who finds you attractive, that it turns out to be mutual and that there is also an intellectual and emotional click, which can then grow from being in love to loving. I believe that for most people, they are happier if there is a partner in their lives. I believe that with your partner you can have such a strong feeling that you want to fight together to stay together for the rest of your life, for better or for worse. I believe that you can accept and relativize each other's less attractive sides. I believe that if you are honest together about the less pleasant sides of relationships, if you are convinced that you will not just pull the plug out of your relationship if it does not go well for a period of time, that you wholeheartedly oppose can say YES to each other. I believe that people can all have the intention to grow up together, for better or for worse. For me it is important that you are really honest about what you would like in life, what you want to achieve or not, what you expect from a partner or not, what can be expected of you or not.

I believe that being in love, loving, relationships and marrying has so much to do with emotions that it is hard to really put into words why you love that person so much. I believe that it is different for everyone. Nobody can look into the future. There are people who marry and think that you will stay naive for the rest of your life. Then let me remain naive. I believe that for the reasons that are perfect for us, we will give our I DO's to each other on September 18th. Yes! I give it with all my head and my whole heart.

I promise, I promise to him and I promise that I will do everything within my power to go for a life that is as happy as possible. I believe in me, I believe in him, I believe in us.

What is your faith?

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