I DO via twitter | Dagblad de Limburger

I DO via twitter | Dagblad de Limburger

14 August 2010


Article about wedding planner het Bruidsmeisje in Dagblad de Limburger:

'I DO' via Twitter

The first twitter wedding in the world takes place in the Netherlands. October 20th 2010 is the day. Then in Zeist, the first fully crowdsourced and crowdfunded wedding will take place. René Hoksbergen (48) and Jannetta Dorsman (44) give each other their I do's during their 'Twedding'. The world premiere is fully planned and organized via the social network and news medium Twitter. It is the first wedding that was fully realized through crowdsourcing and funding.

This means that everything around the wedding is arranged through the use of social media. With this, the Netherlands has a world first. René Hoksbergen, active Twitter user, made the proposal during a Twitter event. That was also the reason for the Twedding. Both virtually and locally, many witnessed the proposal, which led to various offers to help the bride and groom arrange their wedding. For example Vivian ter Huurne, originally from Echt, offered pro Deo to act as a wedding planner. Geraldine Voost from Kerkrade will teach the bride and groom to dance for the opening of the wedding. Astrid Nijhof, born and raised in Limburg, offers support to the bride in achieving her goal weight for the Twedding. She also gives the couple a partner match based on a voice analysis. Finally, Thijs Merks delivers the hotel rooms for the guests of the wedding. The director of the Postillon Hotel in Bunnik is originally from Maastricht. Especially for the occasion an internet site has been launched: www.twedding.nl

The article in Dutch: Ja_via_twitter_-_Dagblad_de_Limburger.pdf

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