Long tables at your wedding dinner reception

Long tables at your wedding dinner reception

12 April 2011

Lang tafelen_bruiloft

As wedding planner I totally love the Burgundian lifestyle. Delicious food, good wines, being together with the ones you love, outside at long tables that are beautifully decorated. Can you see yourselves dining in the middle of a vineyard or apple orchard? Or how about a big corn or grane field, where you sit on hay bales or different kinds of wooden chairs? Vintage is back and I'm loving it!

More often I notice that couples choose to dine all night at beautifully decorated long tables. This way everyone has the opportunity to chat. Tip: plan the diner with about 5 or 6 courses small dishes, nice acoustic music in the background and in between the possibility for personal speeches or for example a salsa workshop.

Seating arrangement
Guests appreciate knowing where they are seated right at the start. You as bride and groom know which guests mingle well. Give these guests seats together. It means no tension for you and your guests. However, do let everyone switch places 1 or 2 times. In a matter of minutes a professional master of ceremonies makes sure the name cards are swopped en everyone is taken to their seat.

dinertafels bruiloft_landelijk

Rustic wedding locations
Holland and Belgium offer many special spots, some even undiscovered, where you can get married, dine and party outside. The picture above is taken on estate De Olmenhorst, in the middle of the pear orchard near the Boshuis. Are you still looking for a beautiful rustic location, ask weddingplanner het Bruidsmeisje for a wedding consult.

Party outside
The trend voor 2012/2013 is party outside. Tips of what not to forget:

  • Light torches or a wood fire
  • Hang Japanese lanterns in trees
  • Arrange warm blankets
  • On the water: gleaming waterlilies or Fairy Berries

Photo credits: Jean Allsopp Photography, Gia Canali Photography & De Olmenhorst

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