Successful and innovative WOMAN, Vivian ter Huurne!

Successful and innovative WOMAN, Vivian ter Huurne!

16 April 2013

Mon et Mine

De Telegraaf is always looking for successful and innovative women who want to write fun and inspiring blogs for a week under the heading 'VROUW'! Recently they have asked me to take all readers for a week in my hectic, but especially very nice, wedding planner life! I wholeheartedly said 'Yes' to this offer and before I knew it there were 6 super cool blogs from me online! Do you want to take a look in my world, read all my blogs down below (in Dutch)!

Day 1: Inspire
No day is the same, but the weekend feeling of being able to do what you like, I have continuously. Last Sunday with the event 'Experience your wedding at Castle Doorwerth' and Monday & Tuesday during the very first international 'Dutch Wedding Congress'!

Day 2: Doubts
Doubts occur with every bridal couple and this only means that they consider their wedding so important. So my bride and groom who wants to marry in France got to be completely convinced of the location, doubts and not without reason ...

Day 3: True love
Not only choosing your partner is a matter of love at first sight so also choosing the location and ... your wedding planner!

Day 4: Be my Valentine
Nowadays Valentine's Day is almost nothing more than a commercial day and as a man you have to do something for your lover. But what is, apart from secret love, the thought behind this day?

valentijn hartjes bruid trouwschoenen
Credits: Bloved Weddings

Day 5: High trees catch a lot of wind
By working hard over the past year, going along with the latest trends and developments, I am sometimes slightly different! And high trees often catch some wind.

Day 6: Farewell
I have to say farewell to my profession often, as well as my bridal couples. After a super intensive time, there is an end to it. Very unfortunate, but ... for all the beauty that goes away, something else beautiful will take its place!

bruid sluier en trouwauto
Credits: Christian Oth Studio & Damon Pijlman

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