Contest: Making {wedding} memories together

Contest: Making {wedding} memories together

06 March 2015

herinneringen bruiloft

"Collect moments, not things" I think is such a nice quote. When I'm celebrating my birthday, I always tell my friends: "I think it's much more important that we experience beautiful moments together and create memories than that you buy me nice things. So your wedding is truly a unique 'once in a lifetime' moment where wonderful memories come from. Now I have recently met some wonderful people who each have their own concept to capture memories. Not on the day itself but for it! And continue to read carefully, because they have devised GREAT WIN ACTIONS especially for het Bruidsmeisje! To promote their new concept :)! How fun!

The Time Capsule

The Time Capsule Bros wedding Time Capsule is a 'must-have' for you, that one wedding couple that already has everything, but still wants something extra special.

Something that others do not have (yet). A film recorded on film of you as a couple, possibly also your friends and relatives, that you can see again at a later time. Not just a time, no a time that you determine in advance (for example in 5 or 10 years)! Time Capsule Bros works with the best cameramen, editors, art directors and journalists from the television world. They make it an incredibly fun and memorable document by mixing the interview with a variety of other images in the editing.

time capsule koffer

As a wedding couple you get a closed suitcase containing the film on a digital media carrier. In addition, you will receive a "personal" web page with a password indicating a countdown of the remaining time before you can watch the movie. Once in a while you receive an e-mail with a small taste (a teaser) from the film. How fun?! This creates a very special moment to look forward to. And experience together. What did you say about each other at the time? How were you then in life? Have all wishes been fulfilled? Or has it become even more beautiful than you ever dreamed.

More info: Visit or send the Bruidsmeisje an email and we will bring you in contact with each other!


And believe it or not but I may give away to bridal couples who are getting married to the Bridesmaid as wedding planner / stylist / master of ceremonies such a great gift movie! Your film will then be used for offline promotion to show other couples how cool this concept is!

What should you do?
- Tag yourself in the facebook message
- Send a mail to me with your love story in short and why you would like to win this movie
- Note: only couples who have hired het Bruidsmeisje can win this movie for € 2995, -!
You can register until Friday March 27th 2015. The winning couple will be announced after the weekend on March 30th!

love story
Photo credits: Patrick Hadley, Live Luv Create, Samiksha & Jared Platt

You’re so Lovely

How cool it would be to see your own love story, bundled in a beautiful book. Your completely own 'book of love'! Elien Andersen of You're so lovely comes to visit you at home for a thorough discussion and asks you the shirt about your love. But also everything around it: who were you before you knew each other and what beautiful anecdotes does your environment tell you about you? All this, together with beautiful images and photos that are important to you, is your own love book.

More info: On you will find everything you need to know to arrange such a beautiful book.


Tadadada and we may just print a beautiful book for € 250 and give it away to you!

What should you do?
- Like the facebook page from You're so lovely
- Leave a comment below to explain why you would like to win and tag yourself in this message

Please note: You can register until Monday, March 23rd 2015. The winning couple will be announced Wednesday, March 25th!

bruiloft fotoshoot
Phoyo credits: Jaime Gonzales

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