How to plan a Bohemian Chic Wedding

How to plan a Bohemian Chic Wedding

17 March 2013

Bohemian-chic has really made a comeback. This (life)style originates from the 19th century and is nowadays back as hot styling topic and... it can be the theme of your wedding!

What is bohemian chic?
Colorful, dashy and lovely are words that come to mind when thinking about this theme. A bohemian wedding is not a perfectly styled traditional wedding with a glamorous dress. Simplicity is key in order to create a bohemian-chic vibe. Nature inspired weddings, on the beach, in an old barn or in other outdoor surroundings.

How does your wedding become bohemian chic?
The keywords for your wedding are happy, creative, carefree and relaxed. For some also known as 'don't worry - be happy', like said in the 60's!
Let's start with the bride, her hair and the dress. One of the most important things are the bride's hair and dress. The hair should be worn loosely, in a messy braid or roughly waved. Beautiful flowers or a flowergarland or ribbons in the hair make the bohemian-chic picture complete. Just like the hair, the dress should be simple and 'light'. A loose dress with not a lot of fuss. The colour does not have to be standard white, and a lace dress is definately a bohemian-chic eye-catcher! Tip: Claire Pettibone & Jenny Packham have dresses in the most perfect bohemian style!

jurken 1
Photo credits: Priscila Valentina (first blog photo), The Nichols & Jose Villa

Styling into details!
When you have found the most perfect nature-based location - which will mostly determine the sphere - you will further explore the styling possibilities. It is important that you use natural material with the theme bohemian-chic. For starters, make sure you create a nice combination between several soft and beautiful colours such as pastel yellow, emerald green, pumpkin orange, hot pink, poppy red and soft blue. The colours do not have to blend or match perfectly. It can be very colourfull to put different types of coloured candles together with beautifull coloured flowers in small, glass vases on a wooden dinnertable where all your guest will sit at. Placed at this table can be elegant white chairs of all different types and shapes. But why not take that extra step and do something totally different like a picknick in the grass with all kinds of comfy pillows to sit on!?

drankjes diner kist bloemen
Photo credits:,,, The Nichols

How to implicate Bohemian-chic in all different parts of your wedding?

Ceremony: Simple supplements such as flowers and/or wooden attributes are a good match for the bohemian-chic theme. A natural arbor is absolutely the best finishing touch!

Photo credits: Maxwell Monty, Three Nails Photography, Shane Shepherd

Groom: The most imporant thing is that the groom matches with the bride in the big picture! With the groom it is best to not be dressed too traditional and chique. Nevertheless we do see that men wear (part of) a suit, for example a jacket with jeans or a pants with a nice blouse with braces.

Photo credits:
Renee Bowen, Tembley Photography, Milou & Olin

Guests: For the big picture it is very important that your guest are also aware of the theme and style of your big day! Most people may not know Bohemian-chic, but they do know summer chic for example!

mannen en vrouwen
Photo credits:
Michael Liedtke, The Nichols

Flowers: Both big, bright bouquets as holding a simple small flower matches the theme. Tip: a flowergarland on your head gives that extra bohemian touch. .

Photo credits: Brienne Michelle,, Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Styling: Styling is THE most important thing if you want it all to come together. Paper lanterns, ribbons, many candles, lights, wooden tables, wedding signs ánd flowers, a lot of flowers, will all create the right feeling.

weddingsigns linten tafel
Photo credits:
Jessica Zais,,

Are you fan of casual, colorful and rustic weddings with room for lots of cosy, sociable moments? Then this theme would be absolutely perfect for you! When you are in need of tips for the planning or styling of your wedding, please contact weddingplanner 'het Bruidsmeisje'.

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