Tips & original vintage wedding invitations

Tips & original vintage wedding invitations

29 February 2012

vintage trouwkaart
Credits: Yours is the Earth

Many couples who married in the first half of 2012 are now busy with (designing) the wedding card or a variant of it. As a wedding planner, I would like to give you tips on how to set the tone for your dream day, what is possible and what you absolutely should not forget to mention on the invitation.

Atmosphere, theme and personal
With the invitation you set the tone for your wedding. You actually give your guests a sneak preview of what they can expect on the day itself. This way you can incorporate your theme (colors) into it, but also create the atmosphere. From vintage, classic, chic, modern, romantic to rural and casual. But also with the mention of a dress code you show your guests what they can expect.

1001 Possibilities
You can not think of it that crazy and you can make an invitation of it. If you search for 'wedding invitation' on Etsy, you get more than 36,000 hits. From wedding posters, wedding cd card with your favorite music, a viewmaster as invitation, passport wedding card, airline ticket invitations to photo cards and cinema tickets. But making your own magazine is also possible.

originele uitnodigingen bruiloft
Credits: Etsy

Make a distinction
Many couples have different types of guests. For these different types of guests, it is important that you make different invitations, which clearly state what they are invited to. If you include the time and place of the wedding ceremony, there is a good chance that people are expected to be there (even if they are 'reception guests'). Put clearly on the card who invites you, you can also do this by writing the first names on the envelope. For example, is your colleague's partner invited or are the children of your best friend welcome?

Do not forget me
The most important thing is that the 4 W's should be on the invitation: Who (your full names), What (that you get married), Where (the locations with the addresses) and When (the wedding date and times).
What many couples forget is mentioning their own home address on the invitation. Sometimes people want to send a card or a flowers because they can not be present. And if you have certain gift wishes, do not forget to mention this (possibly that they can contact the master of ceremonies).
Do not forget to mention the date for which RSVPs must be included on the wedding card!

Extra Tips:

  • Always order extra cards, because chances are you accidentally forget someone or something goes wrong with the mail.
  • Create your own personal stamps via Dutch Postnl
  • Het Bruidsmeisje has her own wedding website with RSVP page especially for her bridal couples, in which guests can pass on their menu choices, presence, dietary requirements and much more!

uitnodiging bruiloft
Credits: Jose Villa

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