Special surprises for your beloved future husband or wife

Special surprises for your beloved future husband or wife

16 February 2015

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"Shit!" You suddenly wake up and think should I do something special for my future Mr or Mrs?
Often the planning of the wedding takes so much time, energy, creativity and money .. I can hear you thinking ;-). But perhaps I, as a 'sucker for romance' who says that it is really super fun to do something, can give you some budget-friendly ideas. Because it can be so beautiful to do something for your loved one at the wedding itself!

  1. Let secretly engrave his / her ring with a very sweet message that you often say to each other or your own pet names.
    For example: "Love you to moon and back" or "You are my everything". Imagine his or her surprised face after such a special moment!
  2. Buy a star for your future husband or wife!
    I think this is such a nice idea! How special is it to really buy your own star with certificate and all. Your name is simply written in the stars. On sterkopen.nl you can buy your own star with name from € 59. Really all their stars can be seen with the naked eye! Very origina l! P.s. If you want to know more about stars, check out the national geographic site.
  3. Write down all the things that make you love him / her!
    Take a moment together, for example during the photo shoot if there is no one else (besides the photo / videographer to record your beloved response). Difficult to get started? Read the tips in this article: "52 things - a year in a jar".

verrassingen bruiloft
Photo credits: Dianne Personett, Blink of an Eye & Emilia Jane

There are still 1001 things to think of that you can do, think of:

Sing your number for him / her on your wedding day (you have guts!)
• Hire the favorite singer of your loved one! (priceless, but again not priceless of course ;-))
• Write a sweet letter for him / her with a small gift (f.e. sweet personalized socks or personalized cufflinks for him and a personalized sweet handkerchief for her) and make sure he / she gets this in the morning from one of his / her witnesses.
• Plant your own love tree at the place where you are married (in your own backyard: ideal, you marry on location: ask the location if it is allowed and what is the ideal place). Super nice symbolic gift!

Tip: If you think that your upcoming may not like it that he / she has nothing for you (from previous experiences ;-)), then secretly let it fall through his / her best friend that it is really fun is to do something small for each other. And then show this blog post ;-).

Good luck and enjoy your unforgettable day!

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