De Telegraaf: Proliferation of wedding planners

De Telegraaf: Proliferation of wedding planners

29 January 2013

Wildgroei aan Weddingplanners

Wedding planner het Bruidsmeisje has been interviewed by Niels Rigter of de Telegraaf because she turns out to be one of the few wedding planners who can earn her living with her profession. According to De Telegraaf, it is high time to separate the junk from the real organizers.

Read here the complete article written by Niels Rigter, with interviews of het Bruidsmeisje, the Dutch Wedding Industry Organization (NTBO), Wedding planners International and the Professional Organization United Profession Wedding planners (BUPW).

AMSTERDAM, Friday 11 January 2013

"The Dutch wedding market is full of incompetent wedding planners, attracted by the romance of roses, carriages and lace, many women think as a wedding planner, but many of them lack organizational talent. The demand is limited. However, the Dutch Wedding Industry Organization NTBO finds the time to separate the junk from the real organizers.

Church bells are ringing over the misty fields of Schiermonnikoog. A ship's horn sounds in the distance. It smells like sea. This is not a scene from a fairy-tale wedding, but a moment of Vivian ter Huurne's working day. She is waiting with a future couple from the Randstad in the chilly evening on the bus, back to the boat. The trio has just scrutinized the church, inspected the wedding location and recorded the hotel where the hundred guests will sleep.
Vivian (29) is a wedding planner. She arranges weddings when she has to go from A to Z, from invitations to parchment to a dinner in an orchard. In the meantime, she easily carries out the difficult conversation with the uncle who so desperately wants to play his banjo in the evening. For next year she has already twenty weddings.
Het Bruidsmeisje, Vivian's company name, is an exception. So many people have not been given the combination of entrepreneurship, organizational talent, taste and knowledge of people. Moreover, the demand for wedding planners in the Netherlands is limited. Vivian is not for nothing but one of the twenty Dutch who earns a full living with the organization of someone else's wedding.
Yet more and more people - especially women - want to become a wedding planner. About ten years ago, the profession flew over from the United States. In the Netherlands there are now two professional associations and four training courses for becoming a wedding planner. There are dozens of graduate wedding planners every month. Around 350 wedding planners are registered at the Chamber of Commerce. With 73,000 marriages per year, there should be enough work for everyone. But no.
"The Dutch are authoritarian and think they can arrange everything themselves", thinks Daniëlle Lemmers of the Dutch Wedding Industry Organization (NTBO).
Carolien Disse of Professional Association United Professional Wedding Planners (BUPW) sees the statement earlier in Dutch economy. "Couples think they save by having their wedding arranged by a handy cousin, or they take the cheapest wedding planner they can get."

"It will cost them dearly", Lemmers knows. "An average of 17,500 euros is still spent on a wedding, but at the same time there are more and more hobbyists in the bridal industry because of the crisis - hobby photographers who think that making a wedding photography is a breeze, or mothers who can bake nice cupcakes and think they can also provide two hundred guests of a five-course dinner. Good weddingplanners know who they do business with. "
The question is: how do bridal couples recognize a good wedding planner? Everyone can name themselves a wedding planner. Everyone can run a course and hand out diplomas. "Our students often have the perfect picture in their heads of flowers and carriages," says Daniëlle van de Lee of Wedding planners International, a study program affiliated with the other professional association. "While we train for independent entrepreneurs."
Trade association NTBO will discuss the proliferation of wedding planners this month with its members. She will then bring the label to the attention with which capable wedding planners can distinguish themselves. Vivian, who already has that quality mark, thinks that's a great idea. Not so much for herself, because she has plenty of work, but more for the bridal couples. A wedding should be the most beautiful day of their lives, not a head care."

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