Outdoor weddings on these special wedding locations

Outdoor weddings on these special wedding locations

19 September 2011

Buiten trouwlocatie Kapellerput

You are getting married! The first thing most couples start with is looking for the wedding location. The Netherlands really counts a lot of wedding locations. The one more beautiful or better known than the other. As a wedding planner, I like to search for those undiscovered places, where the large crowd did not get married. Recently I have been to 3 special, totally different locations that I would like to share with you.


(North Brabant)

Wedding in the church inside, in the open air under the beautiful oak tree or in a cool tree house, the KABAN (above), it is all possible at the Kapellerput. The tree house is really very cool and unique in the Netherlands. Do you see yourself already having a drink, wonderful with your guests upstairs in the tree house with all the beautiful lights that float on the water among you? The estate can be exclusively rent for your dream wedding and spend the night together. They also have a beautiful outdoor kitchen so you can make a real outdoor wedding.

Trouwlocatie Kapellerput
Credits: Kapellerput

Villa Augustus


Villa Augustus_Trouwlocatie_Dordrecht
Credit: Mon et Mine

It is a special location with a lot of quirky charm. This wedding location also has something crazy and they are certainly not a 13-in-1-dozen. Villa Augustus is an old water tower. Next to this water tower is also a greenhouse, the Limonaia, in which the lemon trees overwinter from November to April. The other months it is warm enough and they can go outside. How fun! You imagine yourself in authentic Italy!

Vork & Mes


Restaurant Vork_en_Mes_Hoofddorp
Credits: Vork en Mes

Via country roads you arrive at the Haarlemmermeer in Hoofddorp and you suddenly see hidden in nature the special wedding location Vork en Mes lie. This location with a special architecture was built for the Floriade 2012. The Greek chef Jonathan, runs the kitchen, so delicious! Fun fact: Jonathan has provided the full catering for the wedding of Wesley & Yolanthe in Italy. At the Haarlemmermeer lies this cool location.
When you arrive, you go through a 'corridor' with waterfalls on both sides, inside. The location is trendy, hip and very stylishly furnished with breathtaking views over the Haarlem forests and the Haarlemmermeer. You can also rent this location exclusively.

Hippe Trendy_Trouwlocatie_bij_Nacht
Credits: Daphne van Groeningen

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