Beautiful centerpieces on your wedding dinner table

Beautiful centerpieces on your wedding dinner table

10 January 2012

Centerpiece dinner table
Credits: Leila Brewster

When it comes to styling a wedding I always pay attention to the dinner tables. Usually in Holland couples use white table cloth, white napkins and a tiny bouquet in the middle. Such a pity! You only need a few small things to dress up and personalize your dinner table. Centerpieces are central, as the word itself mentions.

Centerpiece flowers pink
Credits: Martha Stewart Weddings

Stylish, chique, rustic
The possibilities are endless. Choose what you like, but make sure it fits in your wedding style. You may like 'over the top', but I chose alternatives: stylish, chique, rustic, DIY, something for every budget.

Wedding stylist
You may want to make use of a wedding stylist of flower stylist. Perfectioning your dinner table(s) takes a lot of time and you don't want stress on your wedding day ;-). Think out of the box: not only flowers are suitable for centerpieces. Chandeliers, cans, fruit, books, etc. Do you see the mini wedding cake on the table? How cute is that!

Centerpiece wedding cake
Credits: Jill Thomas Photography

Also think of:

  • Personal: make it personal by using personalized name cards and/or menu cards.
  • Table cloths: Would you like a table cloth, table runner or no fabric at all? Of what fabric do you want the table cloth/runner to be made?
  • Candles: Do you want chandeliers, tea lights or straight candles?
  • Cutlery: Take silver cutlery to give your table a chique look.
  • Plates: What shape would you like your plates to be?
  • Napkins: Would you like them on the plate or beside? Napkins with the wedding logo or the names of your guests embroidered on them?

These are just a few details you can think of when it comes to dressing your dinner table. Everything is permissable!

Centerpiece silver
Credits: Leila Brewster

Burgundian style
If this is not at all what you have in mind, think about using the food and drinks as centerpiece. Bottles of wine and water, delicious salads in pretty scales, bread to break, etc. Burgundian it is!

Centerpiece burgundian
Credits: Grazier Photography

Looking for someone to help you style your dinner tables? Weddingplanner het Bruidsmeisje would love to help you!

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