Wedding inspiration: Great Guestbook Alternatives

Wedding inspiration: Great Guestbook Alternatives

15 November 2011

Gastenboek Puzzel
Credits: Borrowed and Blue & Etsy

The traditional guestbook was designed so that your guests could leave their names behind and that you, one day, could look back and remember all that were there. But leaving just your name and a small message is in my opionion old-fashioned and a wee bit boring. Let's spice things up shall we!

Alternative Guestbook Garden bench
Credits: WeddingBee & Ana White

The alternatives

I've always been a practical person. I believe it's a shame that all the messages and quotes your guests leave behind are eventually tucked away on the bookshelf or even put in a box on the attic! What many do not realise is that you can write on almost any surface; rock, wood, plastic, glass, you name it. You just need the right pen or tool! What about a garden bench covered with the wishes of your family and friends, or the breakfeast plates of your guests, each covered with personal love advise? But also words written on mirrors, photo's, puzzles and even ski's can add that extra tone of creativity and uniqueness. You can also choose to let your guests brand or carve something into wood, punch in thin metal or paper, sow in fabric, or fingerpaint on canvas. So many possibilities.

Guitaar Stenen Borden en beschrijfbare hartjes als gastenboek
Credits: Dynamite Weddings, WeddingBee, EtsyJarod Knotten

Give your guests an assignment

Not everyone thinks of themselves as a creative mastermind and believes he/she needs some help. I've got a few ideas for you:

  • Share your secret to a happy marriage with the newly weds!
  • What should the newlyweds have done at least once in their lifetime?
  • What would you say if you only could write down 4 words?
  • What are the best dates ever?

Bedenk leuke vragen voor je gastenThink of fun questions
Credit: Martha Stewart Weddings

You do want a guestbook!

A guestbook can be classy and stylish and with a bit of work, you can make it as personal as you want it. Put in envelopes in which your guest can put in their wishes or use ribbons so they can attach them to a page. You could also choose to make polaroid pictures of your guests. It is also possible to make a copy of your love shoot book in which they can write.

Polaroid Gastenboek met Vragen
Credits: Wedding by Color, Etsy & WeddingBee

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