A different view on wedding photography

A different view on wedding photography

30 October 2010

Mon et Mine

Hermine of Mon et Mine wedding photography blogs especially for wedding planner het Bruidsmeisje

Photography with a wink ;-)

Wedding planners and photographers really want the same thing: to ensure that your day runs as flawlessly as possible, and make it a day to remember. We as photographers do this by taking photos, but we occasionally notice that couples do not immediately realize how big their stamp is on the photos we make. We have therefore decided to give you some tips here to make your reportage even more unique.

The meeting

The "pick up of the bride" is often done by ringing at the door. Although of course there is nothing wrong with this, you could also opt for a different location, because many streets are full of cars and other houses. Think for example of a sun-drenched beach or a park with wild flowers. Your beloved then stands at the end of a path and you walk towards him, tap him on the back and that is the first moment, that day, that you see each other. If you have two photographers, you can record both of these reactions.
(Also read the blog of wedding photographer Nanda about the fist look)


In the South of the Netherlands, we increasingly note that the families of bride and groom enjoy breakfast (or lunch) together. This then takes place at a beautifully made table, complete with flowers, orange juice and croissants. In this way you can say hello to the people who are most important to you. At the same time they can congratulate you, give the gift and of course admire your dress;)

Group photos

Often there is little time for group photos and we do not think that is very bad, because taking group photos is often very boring for a photographer who likes to capture emotion and color. In addition, your guests often have to wait twenty minutes before it's their turn. You can of course also have the family photos directed by your master of ceremonies or wedding planner! Think of a photo with all couples in love, photos where people run over a field or, for example, jump all together. In this way, everyone looks happy and is not bad for your guests to wait a quarter of an hour between the photos.

Castles / Country houses

Castles are very popular as a location for a wedding, but if you want light and cheerful pictures, you better choose a lighter location. Because castles are often built as a defense, the walls are thick and the windows small, the result is that you have very little light. When you choose a country house or smaller (residential) castle, you have the chance that you have large windows. All this beautiful light will ensure that your photographer does not have to flash and that the photos look very natural.

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