Bride Rianne: A day we’ll always remember

Bride Rianne: A day we’ll always remember

04 July 2012

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This blog is written by Bride Rianne who got married on 11 & 12 May 2012

Saturday morning I woke up quite relaxed. I had breakfast, read the paper, took a shower, put on my relaxing clothes en went to the hairdresser's. They washed my hair, put rollers in and explained exactly how my enormous veil had to be attached. I drove back home where the make-up was put on. In the meantime Hermine had arrived. Without us knowing she took some pictures, 'stole' my shoes (it wasn't untill I saw the pictures that I knew what she had done with them :-) ) and we chatted a bit. Church would start at half past 12, so quarter to twelve I started putting on my dress.

Trouwen in de kerk

The consecration
At that moment, stress hit us... How did my veil have to be put on?! Luckily we managed! We jumped into the car and drove to the church. When we arrived I started to get nervous a little bit. I heard the church was full to the brim and all those people would be looking at me when walking through the aisle. Luckily at the moment itself I didn't realize that at all. My eyes were focused on the man in front, my husband-to-be. He looked so handsome! I had a smile from ear to ear when my dad gave me to Sander. We walked up to the front, took our seats and enjoyed the wonderful service.

Kerkelijke Inzegening

High Tea
After the service we had our Congratulation High Tea. I kissed, shook hands and talked to 180 people, time flew by! It wasn't untill I saw the pictures that I realized how beautiful our dessert table looked and all the rest of the location. Vivian had done a fabulous job. Despite the business, I enjoyed every single moment. The sweet words, the lovely presents, the beautifully dressed guests and the impressively styled location. It was beautiful! After the High Tea we performed our marryoke. It was so much fun!

Felicitatie High-tea

Castle Hoekelum
Around 4 pm we arrived at Castle Hoekelum. We enjoyed a refreshment, Ramon and Hermine took some pictures en we enjoyed the wonderful weather. Around 5.30 pm we set down to dinner. In the meantime a part of our marryoke was filmed and before desert we went outside for the photoshoot. The evening light was beautiful, exactly what we hoped for!

Bruiloft op Kasteel Hoekelum

Let's party!
Around 7.30 pm our evening guests arrived. We had coffee and tea and our friends surprised us with a beautiful version of the song Brabant. "A life full of love for Sander and Ri." It was touching..but isn't everything at your wedding day? After that we finally got to see our marryoke and boy, did we laugh out loud! Then my husband (LOL) and I entered the dancefloor and danced to a great live version of 'An Empire State of Mind' by Alicia Keys and Jay-Z. When we came to the rap the whole dancefloor was filled with people! It hasn't be empty after that! The most fantastic surprise was a real flashmob by ALL of our guests. Everybody danced and had fun. It was fantastic. Simply fantastic!

Party all night long

The evening ended in a balcony scene. After a great afterparty in the house next to the castle where our friends stayed the night, we went to sleep with a deep happy feeling. The next morning we enjoyed a delicious breakfast with all of our friends. The day after we flew to Sicily where we enjoyed the memories. Our wedding was fantastic. Everything was organized so well by Vivian and Renske. If I were ever to be married again, I would definately choose again for a professional master of ceremony.

Ceremoniemeester en Styling

And now I am a married woman. A bit weird. Everyone asks me if it feels different, but of course not. Of not really. We still live in the same house, my name hasn't changed, ik still love him as much as I did. The only difference is that I belong to him officialy. And I like that. I like that a lot. We officially belong together. It is real! I am married!

the married life

Photo credits: Mon et Mine

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