Wedding bouquets you love to keep

Wedding bouquets you love to keep

04 October 2011

Bruidsboeket met_papieren_bloemen
Credits: Etsy

No matter how small or how big a wedding is, a bridal bouquet is always present and is indispensable at a Dutch wedding. What should you do if you or your groom are allergic to flowers? Or if you, like me, are getting married in the middle of summer and it is hot (positive thinking). Flowers can not stand the heat very well and therefore fade faster.

Origami bruidsboeket
Credits: Etsy

Rest assured because with these alternatives I found you steal the show and you have a beautiful bouquet for the whole day, no allergic reactions and no stains of pollen.

Bruid met_veren_bruidsboeket
Credits: Emplume

The best thing about these bridal bouquets is that you can keep them as a souvenir and maybe give them to your daughter or daughter in law when they get married, because say yourself, it would be a shame to toss them at your wedding!?

Originele bruidsboeketten
Credits: Etsy, 100 Layer Cake & Bridal Snob

Note: This blog is written by Bride Carmen in October 2011

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