Theme weddings are hot!

Theme weddings are hot!

08 September 2010

Be inspired by this blog that wedding planner het Bruidsmeisje wrote for you ;-).

The most beautiful weddings are those weddings where everything is perfectly coordinated. Just try to imagine how stylish it is when you have one red thread (so to speak) throughout the wedding. The theme of the wedding. And that does not really have to be a Western style Wedding, of course, but can also be very subtle by means of a theme color.

Ok, how do you handle it. First of all, it is of course very important that you choose a theme that really suits you and maybe also a bit with your guests. I once saw that a bride and groom had organized a complete gothic wedding and there were guests who were so to speak quite chic. They did not know that their friends loved gothic parties in their spare time. Nothing wrong with that of course, but to find out at the wedding and to arrive in a five-piece jacket .. hmm you got my point I guess.

Consider carefully whether you want to unpack a lot or whether it can be very subtle. If you want to unpack considerably, it is important that you budget more for decoration and styling. In principle, a themed wedding does not have to cost anything extra. Through DIY (Do-it-Yourself) you can creatively make a lot of printing, styling and decoration yourself.

Which parts of your wedding can you incorporate into the theme, with some examples:

  • Location: Choose a castle or estate if you would like to hold a 'baroque' wedding or a beach club if the theme is 'beach'. That goes without saying of course ;-)
  • Catering: Hot chocolate with whipped cream on a 'winter' wedding and tapas at a 'Spanish' wedding.
  • Clothing:¬†Wear the wedding dress of your mother or grandmother for a 'vintage' wedding and pink shoes (and pink bow tie or tie) for the bride and groom and bride's staff at 'a touch of pink'.
  • Wedding cake: All colors, sizes and types are possible in this. A good patisserie can do everything! For example with the theme color green, a green apple pie in the shape of an apple .. how cute!
  • Music & Entertainment: At a 'Spanish' wedding delicious salsa music and at a hip lounge wedding at the beach, a good DJ who plays beach house.
  • Transport: By helicopter, by bike, by coach, in an oldtimer, by boat .. enough options.
  • Stationery: Process your wedding theme to the smallest details in the invitations, rsvp's, the website, menus, reception book. Make a nice wedding logo that you can bring back on this.
  • Flowers: With a theme color very easy to adjust .. even at a black & white wedding, because nowadays they have black roses themselves and otherwise you can always use beautiful white flowers with black ribbon around them.
  • Give-aways: Sweet four clovers that the guests can grow at home at a green wedding and champagne at a glitter & glamor wedding.
  • Wedding planner: Of course we can come fully dressed in style and help you with fun and creative ideas about a wedding theme!

Tip: Invite your best and most creative friends (and your wedding planner might want to organize your wedding stress free) an evening at home and brainstorm with them on a fun and appropriate theme. Together you will certainly get very inspired and at the end of the evening you will have a super theme and a plan of action ;-).

If that is not the case, you can of course always invite me, wedding planner het Bruidsmeisje for the styling or as a wedding planner.

Totally hot in 2011/2012: the vintage wedding!

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