Diary of a Bridezilla: Hello doubts (part 1)

Diary of a Bridezilla: Hello doubts (part 1)

17 January 2012

Aankleden bruiloftMon et Mine
Credits: Mon et Mine (the photographers of Rianne and Sander, which they do not doubt about ;-))

Last time I described in detail how incredibly difficult I think it is to make choices. Most of the choices have been made and where I thought I now have peace, I do not experience that at all. The not entirely unexpected, but unwanted doubt has started. One of my first doubt moments was the wedding dress. I have been in 6 different bridal stores, fitted everything and found the dress. Did not buy him in the end because 1000 euros above budget was a bit too crazy. So I went to look further and I found the dress where everything came together that I liked. So this was it! I waited a little longer, but after a few weeks it was still the one, because I had not worn anything nicer yet. So debit card through the slit and the wedding dress for the big day was paid!

After a few days I only started to doubt, was this really the one, I should not have gone for a slightly different dress. No, this was really the one and my mother convinced me. I was reassured for a while until I started surfing the Internet again and met another dress. Yes, but is this maybe the one? No, my friend convinced me, the dress you chose is so totally you! That is really the one. And again I was equally reassured.

Until today. I decided to make an appointment at the bridal store to take a look at the wedding dress again. To have the feeling I had when I was wearing it. Hopefully then that eternal doubt will pass and I can enjoy the further preparations with peace of mind. Although .... there are also doubts ... but more about that in a next blog :-)

N.B. This blog was written by Bride Rianne in January 2012

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